A rich lineup that can handle needs from a wide range of industries, such as shipbuilding, plants, power plants.
An experienced technician’s business trip support system will resolve quickly by the technician.

More than 50 types of valve handling


In addition to its products, we have established a route that directly imports a wide variety of valves from overseas and handles more than 50 different valves. Since its inception, we will also support high-speed processing and high-spec custom products with 90 years of experience and technology by know-how.

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ISO9001 Certificate High Quality

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・ISO9001: Building an internal manufacturing process, a check system based on quality management conforming to 2015, and providing high quality premises, customers have received high praise.

・Products made in overseas are checked by our staff from the production process there and we do the re-examination in our factory, and finish Japanese quality in China costs in the double check system.

・Also, if a problem occurs in the product, it responds quickly regardless of domestic country.

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Better solution based on more than 90 years experience!


  We do not sell model number. We support your needs with a large variety and small lots. For example, if you receive a request for the trim parts SUS316 for use in seawater, we suggest that there is a possibility of corrosion.

  We sometime can not manufacture as client’s request. For example, The countermeasure of water hammer of swing check valve tends to be considered in a hydraulic cylinder, but for that purpose, a large cylinder like a ghost is required. We think It is butter that the valve is half opened and you will be promoting quickly. We supply the best valve selection based on our expertience.

  We have proposed a responsible for the product you want to seek in 90 out of 90 years and a flexible creativity.

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