Cast Steel Valve

鋳鋼弁 鋳鋼弁外ネジ式玉形弁

  Cast steels are the most versatile high quality materials that can be used from under high temperature and high pressure to low temperature vacuum, and are superior to sealing performance. Hardness, tensile strength, impact, etc. are highly resistant and can be used widely from various high temperature steam piping to oil plants.


  • Toughness is excellent and withstand voltage
  • Excellent hardness, tensile strength, impact value
  • Sturdiness

Application and Category

Medium water, air, oil, over heat steam
Category Low to high temperature, low pressure to high pressure, etc.

Valve Type

鋳鋼弁外ネジ式玉形弁BB.OS&Y Globe Valve

PSB Globe Valve

鋳鋼弁外ネジ式仕切弁BB.OS&Y Gate Valve PSB Gate Valve
BC Lift Check Valve 鋳鋼弁スウイングチェック弁BC Swing Check Valve
PSB Swing Check Valve  
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