High Quality

ISO9001 certificate trusted high quality

Our company has been founded in 1925. We have built a quality control method of manufacturing by internal regulations and have been trusted by many customers. In 2018, ISO9001: 2015 (Quality Management System) certification is made to make sure that it is reliable and reliable than certification of ISO9001: 2015 (quality management system).

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ミニチュア弁1/4B 鋳鋼製仕切弁150Lb‐48B

  From the flat size miniature valve 1/4B, we are producing a wide range from 7-ton-class cast steel definition valve 150LB-48B.

Overseas Production System

  From the estimate to delivery, we will make a close meeting with the production base, and if necessary, we will meet local meeting. Choose application standards, materials, structures, production bases and manage production processes to meet your needs.

  • Partial inspection before assembly, we are teaching and monitoring production procedures, quality records, and quality records for completion inspection after assembly.
  • Materials are mill sheets and fluorescent X-ray analyzers. Determine whether dimension records are also measured and matched.
  • Double check system such as hydraulic inspection etc. after injection of Japan

Thorough Company Quality Inspection System

Material inspection of major parts

蛍光X線分析器   About material inspection of major parts, we will confirm the mill seat with a fluorescent X-ray analyzer, as well as the Mill sheet.

PT inspection

BW開先部 シート面

If necessary, PT inspection of BW and seat planes is conducted.

Appearance inspection, Operation test, Dimensional inspection, Water pressure inspection

外観検査 水圧検査(耐圧試験) 水圧検査(弁座漏れ検査)

We are carefully conducting before the appearance inspection, operation inspection, dimensional inspection, water pressure inspection, etc.

Product Case

ステンレス弁 ステンレス弁

  It is a stainless steel valve tested with a high quality material with a mill seat and inspected by a fluorescent X-ray analyzer. In addition, CASS tests are conducted to validate the rustproof power.

非常遮断弁 非常遮断弁

  Emergency shutoff valve that reflects your request to the product and made improvements over a number of achievements. The body is made of robust cast steel.