Internal Hard Rubber Lining Valve

内面全面硬質ゴムライニング弁 内面全面硬質ゴムライニング弁

  An inner full hard rubber lining valve is a valve that is embraced with all internal stainless steel parts with rubber (NR) and not exposed to fluid.


  • Concatenate the valve body and valve stem in a unique way, and enforce lining on the valve stem that has been made impossible. 
  • In order to rubber lining the entire surface of the contact surface, the galvanic battery action generated between cast iron and stainless steel does not occur.





Application and Category

Medium sea water, chemicals
Category Chemical plant, casting factory, power plant


Body FCD450

Valve Type

Type Rating Size
Globe 10K 150LB 50-400A   2″-16″
Gate 10K 150LB 50-900A   2″-36″
Swing Check 10K 150LB 50-800A   2″-32″
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