BB.OS&Y Gate Valve



  The wedge-shaped valve body is moved like guirotin and the tin-shaped gradient is a structure in which the vertical force is divided into the diagonal force and pressed the sheet surface.


  •   When fully open, the valve body is completely out of the flow path, so it is suitable for use with very little pressure loss and for the purpose of securing flow rate.
  •   Since the valve body is weak in the lateral force (roll), it can not be used in the intermediate opening. The stroke is long and the overall vertical exercise is slow and rapidly opened rapidly.
  •   The shape is vertically long and weight is heavy, but there is no convenience for installation such as a butter valve, but it is basically an advantage that it can withstand high temperature use due to metal touch (metal sheet). There is a full bore type and a reducing bore type.
Body FC200/A126B FCD450/A536 65-45-15
Trim CAC406/B584 C83600 SUS403/A276 S40300 SUS304/A276 S31600
Rating JIS 10K, 16K, 20K
Size 40A~900A
Bact to Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Valve