BB.OS&Y Globe Valve



  Press the box such as a bowl to the sheet surface and stop the fluid. It is also suitable for use in tightening and using intermediate opening and focusing. The flow path is in S-curved shape and is not suitable for full-boiled specifications with large pressure loss and securing flow rate. In addition, there is a disadvantage that cavitation due to flexural or turbulence is likely to occur. 


  • It tightens the fluid from the top of the tray so it is good enough
  • Pressure loss is large because the lift of the valve body is small and the fluid flows into the S character.
  • Since the valve rises slightly by the rotation of the handle, it is easy to adjust the flow rate (it is easy to squeeze)
  • A ball-shaped valve that cones the shape of the valve body is controlled to control the flow rate as a regulatory valve (dollar valve) and can be used functionally for temperature control.
Body   FC200/A126B FCD450/A536 65-45-15
Size  40A~600A
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